Going Beyond The Familiar: Why Even Small Town Dentists And Lawyers Can Benefit From Marketing

In the experience we’ve had with marketing for companies around the country, it can be noted that while businesses in large cities are eager to use marketing to get themselves out there, businesses in small towns are usually hesitant to invest in marketing because they feel it’s not a necessary expense. After all, why spend on marketing when there’s no competition?

The truth is, however, that marketing can be used by dentists and law offices in towns of any size regardless of whether competition exists or not. Here’s why:

Breaking New Ground

With the shifting economy, you can expect people to come and go. A marketing presence ensures that new people will know about the services you offer even if they’re new in town. It’s also important to remember that not everyone may have had need of your services before. A social media presence will make sure that when they do, they know how to find you.

You’re Competing With The Internet Now, Too

While dentistry doesn’t have much to worry about from Internet competition, there are a lot of online legal services being offered. This means that even small-town law firms with no physical competition now have to worry about online competitors. Marketing is a good way to make sure that your town knows that you’re available and capable of matching the price and services of your online competition.

Preparing for the Future

Towns grow. It’s inevitable. This is why relying on the fact that you’re the only dentist or law office in your town isn’t a good idea. Making sure that your business is clearly visible through marketing is a good way to make sure that even if new competition comes in, your business is clearly visible and not going to be overwhelmed by the presence of a new competitor.

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