Going Beyond The Familiar: Why Even Small Town Dentists And Lawyers Can Benefit From Marketing

In the experience we’ve had with marketing for companies around the country, it can be noted that while businesses in large cities are eager to use marketing to get themselves out there, businesses in small towns are usually hesitant to invest in marketing because they feel it’s not a necessary expense. After all, why spend on marketing when there’s no competition?

The truth is, however, that marketing can be used by dentists and law offices in towns of any size regardless of whether competition exists or not. Here’s why:

Breaking New Ground

With the shifting economy, you can expect people to come and go. A marketing presence ensures that new people will know about the services you offer even if they’re new in town. It’s also important to remember that not everyone may have had need of your services before. A social media presence will make sure that when they do, they know how to find you.

You’re Competing With The Internet Now, Too

While dentistry doesn’t have much to worry about from Internet competition, there are a lot of online legal services being offered. This means that even small-town law firms with no physical competition now have to worry about online competitors. Marketing is a good way to make sure that your town knows that you’re available and capable of matching the price and services of your online competition.

Preparing for the Future

Towns grow. It’s inevitable. This is why relying on the fact that you’re the only dentist or law office in your town isn’t a good idea. Making sure that your business is clearly visible through marketing is a good way to make sure that even if new competition comes in, your business is clearly visible and not going to be overwhelmed by the presence of a new competitor.

Building Your Image: How To Get People To See What You Want Them To

One of the biggest problems that lawyers and dentists share is the mostly negative perception that people have of the two professions. This is why personal image is very important when building your brand. That’s where marketing works for you; marketing is the primary tool businesses use to show people the image that the business wants to present. Here’s how you can build the image you want people to see:

Active And Updated Social Media

One way you get people to know you is via interaction. Obviously, not everybody has the time or inclination to visit your office just to get to know you. Here’s where social media can work for you. A social media page is usually the first point of contact between a business and people who are interested in availing of their services.

A social media page lets you control what you show your potential clients. If you’ll be attending or hosting a booth at a convention or if your office has any important announcements to make, a social media page is more likely to be seen than an email or flyer, both of which are more likely to end up in the trash rather than in your clients’ memories.

Decide On An Image And Stick To It

Few things are more confusing to potential customers than a company who can’t maintain a consistent image. An inconsistent public image makes it hard for customers to get a proper feel if you’re the type of business they want to trust their dental or legal needs to. Maintaining a consistent image is essential in gaining the confidence of potential customers.

Know When To Change Your Image

While it may seem like the complete opposite of the previous entry, it’s actually more of a compromise; given how the world is constantly changing with values being re-evaluated on an almost monthly, knowing when to change your image to reflect your stance on those topics. Why would you want to show your stance on these topics? Because it reflects the image you want to show.

Alternatively, knowing when not to change is essential. There are some topics that businesses are better off not taking a public stance on. Knowing when not to let your personal feelings influence the public image you’re cultivating is can help show your business professionalism.