Back To Basics: Basic Marketing Techniques You Can Use At Any Level

Marketing can seem daunting to a lot of people. Often times, you’ll see a lot of marketing professionals throw around terms like “content marketing” (a bit of a misnomer given that all marketing is content marketing) and other terms that make it seem more complicated than it actually is.

That’s not to say that marketing doesn’t have its complications and challenges. Despite all the challenges however, there are some basic techniques that all marketing teams can use for their businesses, regardless of how big or how small they are.

Use Social Media

Social media is so prevalent now that can easily forget that it functions as far more than a platform for sharing family pics, cat videos, and unsolicited advice. Social media is a great tool for reaching audiences of all age brackets, which is essential for dentist’s offices.

For law offices, having a high social media presence makes you a lot easier to reach, and for a much lower price compared to getting ad space in a phone directory. It also helps you filter out people making inquiries for frivolous things rather than people who are serious about getting legal help.

Don’t Overreach

Knowing your limits is very important, especially for smaller businesses. Knowing which marketing avenues are relevant to your profession is important as well. For example in a small town, spending a lot of money on a billboard would be overkill and unnecessary, especially if you had little to no competition. Knowing how wide you need your reach to be will save you a lot of money.

Know Your Target Audience

Knowing your audience can make all the difference between getting new clients and scaring them away. For example, a dentist’s office that focuses on children’s dental hygiene would focus on attracting parents while presenting an image that kids would find non-threatening.

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