Legal Marketing Strategies for the Modern Law Firm

Marketing your law firm in 2018 can feel like a challenge. Should you strive for local advertising only or broaden your horizons and build a bigger brand online? The goal for new law firms shouldn’t be solely in attracting new clientele.

Instead, your primary goal should be developing a valuable brand that targets the right demographics to ensure your work is noticed by those close enough to benefit from your services.

Here are five ways you can strengthen your law firm’s online presence and take advantage of the plethora of digital marketing tools available to you today.

Start Using Google SEO

Managing a website without any analytics is a futile effort. Without any insight into your content’s engagement, you aren’t able to refine your strategy and give your site’s visitors what they’re looking for.

Google Analytics is not only free to use, but there is also free training and certification available to ensure your firm is always on top of its game.
Focus on UX Design

Accessibility and relevancy are essential when it comes to showcasing your firm’s specialties online. You want to make sure that your site’s design is optimized for user experience.

Your visitors shouldn’t have to think about where to look next on your site. Instead, you should have a clean layout and design that guides your visitors throughout your site and makes it easy to find what they’re looking for with a defined menu and page titles, headers and more.

Invest in a Content Writer

You don’t need to update a blog every day, but you should hire a talented writer to develop a content strategy for your site that can be shared on LinkedIn and across social media. Nowadays, people turn to Google on their phones for answers before anything else. SEO-optimized legal content will help your site rank higher in search results and connect you with the right clients.

Create a Marketing Budget

Every market is over-saturated, so you have to pay if you want to get noticed. Great content is the backbone of any good marketing strategy, but email marketing, PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns and sponsored ads on Google will allow you to get noticed and increase engagement.

Utilize Social Media

Did you know that 95 percent of millennials expect a brand to have a social media presence? Most people will research your firm before doing business with you, so it’s vital that you have a valid and active presence on major social media channels.

Incorporate a Live-Chat Feature

Online chat features enable clients to get in touch with your firm right away. Rather than filling out a form and hoping to hear back via email, chatbots or live-chat agents allow potential customers to get answers to essential questions, schedule consultations and connect with your brand right from the web.

In Conclusion

Marketing your law firm in 2018 requires utilizing both paid advertising and digital channels. Your website shouldn’t just look good — it has to showcase your content and guide your visitors on a journey that will help them connect with you without having to think about it.

By working with a digital marketing firm or skilled freelancer, you can develop a legal content strategy that puts your firm’s unique attributes and greatest strengths at the forefront of your marketing strategy.

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