Having good resources is essential to any business. A restaurant needs a solid kitchen staff and source of ingredients. A construction company needs a skilled construction team and a reliable source of quality materials. It’s like that as well for marketing teams. Having a reliable set of resources can make or break a marketing team. Here are the resources we regularly use for all levels of marketing:

Social Media

Social media revolutionized marketing for everybody. Digital marketing was no longer restricted to competing for banner ad space on websites or putting a lot of money into Google ad sponsorship to get your page on top. Social media lets any business make them visible and interactive without having needing a massive budget.


PowerPoint has been used by salesmen and marketing teams ever since Microsoft released the program. Prezi takes all the utility of PowerPoint then adds a lot more functionality and flair to it. With animations and other functions beyond what’s available on PowerPoint, plus online cloud saving making it available from any computer connected to the Internet which is more convenient than needing a USB stick.

SEO Site Checkup

Since most people use SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, SEO Site Checkup is a good health check to see how effective the SEO optimization you’re using is. Given that most SEO optimization is paid for, making sure that you’re getting what you’re paying for is essential to make sure that your marketing budget is going where it’s going to get the best results.